Energy Storage Facilities

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Through several different storage processes, excess energy can be stored to be used during periods of lower wind or higher demand, such as Battery Storage, Compressed Air Storage, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Pumped Storage or Flow Batteries.

However, GreenWatt’s emphasis on energy storage systems based on Flow Batteries in particular is for the biggest advantages. A Flow Battery, which is a rechargeable battery, involves two chemical components dissolved in liquids contained within the system and is commonly separated by a membrane. This technology is akin to both a fuel cell and a battery - where liquid energy sources are tapped to create electricity and are able to be recharged within the same system.

The flow batteries can be instantly recharged by replacing the electrolyte liquid, while concurrently recovering the spent material for re-energization.

Given the various classes of flow batteries, which includes redox, hybrid and membranes, the significant difference between conventional and flow is that energy is stored as electrode material in conventional, however, as electrolyte in flow cells.