About us

A quite long history

Founded in September 2000 and based in Dedemsvaart, Netherlands, GreenWatt has provided exponentially in the field of Wind energy.

For 18 years we have evolved from merely providing technical services to consulting and documentation support.

As one of the first Wind Energy consultants in Netherlands, GreenWatt is available for a broad range of services in the Wind Energy sector. The services include: Electrical engineering, R&D, Technical Documentation, Site Identification, Wind Resource Assessment, Micro-siting, Energy estimation, Feasibility studies, etc. GreenWatt also provides services for due diligence, project management, monitoring etc.

GreenWatt has worked for a variety of clients and has continuously participated as an important player in many successful wind energy projects around the globe. From our base location in Dedemsvaart, it has proudly taken a major part in shaping wind-energy based industries.

Our team

Poal van Slooten


Dedemsvaart, NL

Silvia Peter

Technical Writer Executive

Bangalore, IN