Consultancy for Wind Energy Leaders

Consultancy for Wind Energy Leaders

Past & Present

Our total experience in the wind energy industry goes back almost 30 years. You may not have heard our names, but we were right alongside some of the pioneers of this industry, and our expertise has helped inform, guide, and implement the innovations of today.

If you’re looking for knowledge, expertise, and practical implementation support, GreenWatt is the name you can trust.


GreenWatt: Your Partner On Wind Energy

GreenWatt | Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Innovation and practicality are the watchwords of wind energy; GreenWatt helps you accomplish both.

With roots in the pioneering days of wind energy, and experience in nearly every application imaginable since then, we can help you innovate, grow, and build for the future.

GreenWatt | Experience


Our founder Poul van Slooten has been in the wind energy sector since 1993; we’ve officially been GreenWatt since 2003.

We help wind energy leaders design effective and practical solutions to special problems. 

GreenWatt Knowledge


Our team of experts helps you cover everything, from deep technical specialization and engineering to contract negotiation with clients and profit partners.

We understand the big picture and the important details that make wind energy work under any circumstances.


Your Partner In Sustainable Wind Energy

Our capabilities run the gamut – we’ve engineered, advised on, and helped construct turbines from 80 kW to 6 MW+, from small domestic applications to huge offshore turbines – in a variety of hybrid configurations. Our areas of expertise include…

Project Development

We’ll assist you in the construction, implementation, technical planning, contract negotiation, and grid connection of any project big, small or in between.


From concept to feasibility testing, and neutral 3rd-party root cause analysis, our engineering expertise has been utilized by leaders in the wind energy industry for close to 30 years.

Technical Documentation

We’re always happy to assist with technical documents. These documents can be an invaluable asset for your technicians, both current and future.

Energy Storage

Renewable energy and effective energy storage go hand-in-hand. Finding the optimum form of energy storage for you and your clients can solve logistical and financial challenges.

What can we do for you